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Stunning Cantilever Stairs in Hazel Grove Add Interest to a Building

Cantilever Stairs in Hazel Grove For that floating-in-air feeling, install cantilever stairs in Hazel Grove. We specialise in premium quality stainless steel and glass fabrications. You can rely on us to provide you with world-class designs in feature stairs, handrails, balustrades, balconies and canopies. Further, each one of our products has a design for safety, efficiency, aesthetics and maximum use of available space. Ours is a one-stop shop for complete design, fabrication, supply and installation. We service companies across the North West. As a measure of our trustworthiness, we are proud to be members of Construction Line. All our engineers have CSCS certification.

So that the bending of treads can be minimised In Hazel Grove, cantilever stairs have a design for the weight-bearing load. Add to the floating illusion by adding glass or steel. The treads can be made of stone, wood or concrete. Each step has brackets, bolts and telescopic support stud. The wall has to be reinforced around the brackets. The most important aspect is to ensure the rigidity and safety of the treads. Cantilever stairs are an unusual configuration for a staircase. They have the design to appear as if the treads are floating in the air. Hence, this effect is possible due to the hidden steel structure within or under the stairs for support.

Cantilever stairs in Hazel Grove are in compliance with current building regulations, using the best materials. Further, our team has the necessary skills, experience and training to complete the job perfectly. Contact Fine Line today for more information about our cantilever stairs. Additionally, these stairs give you the feeling of airiness and space. Hence, as they have gaps between each stair, light can pass through. Thus, choose our cantilever stairs and add a stunning look to your building.

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