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Steel Staircases in Manchester

Steel Staircases in Hazel Grove Add Style and Safety to your Building

 Steel Staircases in Hazel Grove For a sturdy, strong and durable structure, choose our top quality steel staircases in Hazel Grove. Whether it’s a residential, industrial or commercial space, this is a good investment. It can be purely functional, or become a striking design element. Steel is a popular choice in both modern and traditional architecture. It can be useful both indoors and outdoors. Our team works with you to create bespoke designs or you can select one of our standard offerings. Either way, you can be sure of a complete service. We handle design, consultation, fabrication and installation services. Many of our customers are repeat clients. Thus, they include building contractors, architects, interior design professionals, self-build and private individuals. We have the necessary skills, training and experience to deliver a superb product.

For your building in Hazel Grove, steel staircases offer several important benefits. They are sturdy and strong. Steel can withstand heavy loads, pressure and natural disasters. These staircases can last for a very long time, given the nature of the metal. You won’t have problems such as corrosion, seasonal expansion or contraction. Unlike wood, steel is impervious to insects, fungi and rot. The metal is easy to mould into different designs and doesn’t creak or sag like wood. You can choose floating, straight, cantilever, spiral design staircases and more. The staircase can be fabricated elsewhere and installed later inside the building by our expert installation team.

Steel staircases in Hazel Grove are easy to maintain. They don’t stain or fade. You won’t have to polish, wax or use expensive cleaners. Thus, all you need is to give your staircase a good wipe with a damp mop to keep it looking fresh and clean. Most metal staircases that we design are space saving. As such, they can be installed in limited space, using clever design elements. Floating and cantilever stairs give a feeling of space and airiness. Contact Fine Line for more information on our services and products. Furthermore, if you would like us to conduct a site survey and give you a no-obligation quote, we would be glad to. We service companies across the North West and beyond.

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