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Gorgeous Floating Glass Stairs in Ramsbottom Adds a Dramatic Feature

Floating glass stairs in RamsbottomFloating glass stairs in Ramsbottom is truly a very popular trend in both domestic and commercial settings. Our floating stairs look like they’re floating in mid-air. There is no visible structural support but since that support is essential, it’s there; you just can’t see it. Glass stairs are transparent and appear to be light as a cloud. That’s what makes the magic. In truth, each stair tread is made of thick hardened glass and is very heavy. They are required to support a minimum of 300 pounds but in fact may support up to 3000 pounds. Our installation team is up to the task and we have our professional tricks and techniques. If the client chooses, the support can be discreetly attached underneath the stair treads or it can be mounted to the wall.

Another option is to anchor each tread individually to recessed wall mounts and perhaps anchor it using a glass balustrade or a thin decorative stainless steel balustrade.  Often, in Ramsbottom, floating glass stairs are thought to be unsafe. That illusion is of course due to the open transparency and the seemingly lack of support. That is, after all the purpose of creating the illusion. However, never fear, these stairways are completely safe whether created from glass, wood or stainless steel. Those are the 3 mediums we work within either singularly or in combination. If you want a dramatic stairway in a small space, floating glass, perhaps in a spiral, is a great choice. While it takes up little space it gives the illusion that it’s taking up no space because you can see through it.

Where would you put floating glass stairs in Ramsbottom? Perhaps in your home to create a dramatic entry feature or the lobby of your futuristic office building or art studio. They are great for performing art theatres or spacious hotel lobbies. But floating glass is also a great outdoor option. Floating down from your balcony to the pool and patio area would be gorgeous. Light it up with coloured lights at night for safety and ambiance. Contact Fine Line and tell us your idea for floating glass stairs at your home or place of business. We have wonderful designers on staff who will work with you to plan and draw up the final print. Our installation team will fit it perfectly. Ask us for a free price quote.

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