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Feature Stairs in Heaton Moor, Striking yet Functional Addition to Your Home

Feature Stairs in Heaton MoorFeature stairs in Heaton Moor from Fine Line make an architectural statement while providing function. They integrate into the whole design space and serve as a focal point and an attraction. We work in glass, wood and stainless steel to create form and function for both domestic and commercial spaces. A beautifully designed staircase is an invitation to explore for all who see it. It is quite impressive in a private home. Perhaps one leading up to a balcony or solarium where the view is spectacular.  But in a commercial setting, selling goods, the stairs hold a promise of something special at the top. So you might want the second floor to be the location of especially desirable items.

Even in a theatre, the balcony seats will seem more desirable when accessed via an elegantly shaped staircase. In Heaton Moor, feature stairs join two floors with continuity if that’s what you want or they serve as a defining line that totally separates one from the other. Feature stairs are beautiful and architecturally creative. Because we specialise in combining glass, stainless steel and wood, our designs tend toward a modern, even ultra-modern style. Floating glass stairs with stainless steel anchors and railing details invites you to climb the stairway to heaven. But if you like the rustic wood and steel look for your loft, we can do that too.

Feature stairs in Heaton Moor, besides being functional, is a tremendous statement piece for whatever space stairs are needed. We think you will be surprised to know that you can have a staircase with bold lines, unusual materials and artistic geometry that adds a designer look at affordable prices. Our work can add extraordinary instead of just ordinary across a broad range of budgets. Contact us and schedule a consultation. We want to see your space and hear how you would like to use that space. We’ll show you our designs and how they would work for you and compliment your home or commercial space. We will provide you with a free quote and we guarantee our workmanship and materials. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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