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Glass Balustrades in Cheshire

Cantilever Stairs in Cheshire Add Form and Function to Your Building

Cantilever Stairs in CheshireAdd form and function to your building with cantilever stairs in Cheshire. Our company, Fine Line, is the North West region’s leading specialist in design, fabrication and installation of premium quality staircases, balustrades, handrails, Juliet balconies and canopies. With nearly 20 years’ experience in this sector, we focus on providing affordable, modern and aesthetic products. Our clients value our ability to incorporate individual preferences and budgets. We are glad to be of service to both residential and commercial clients. Our staircases are the highest standards of safety and durability.

For your interiors in Cheshire, cantilever stairs give them a modern, light and airy feel. They also have the name floating staircases, because they seem to suspend in the air. Each individual stair is on the wall using steel pins or bolts. We use different materials such as metal, timber, stone, concrete or glass. All our stairs have a top design and our team has the experience and training to attach them. Right from the design stage, we pay attention to the available space, pleasing design and your lifestyle. Every product that leaves our premises receives thorough inspection for quality. Moreover, this ensures that the stairs remain  in place even after years of regular use.

Cantilever stairs in Cheshire would be the ideal choice for smaller rooms where there is less light. Apart from being a connector between different levels of your building, stairs can also be a dramatic design feature. These stairs combine architecture and engineering perfectly. Hence, they create a structurally strong and beautiful solution. Thus, sheer glass balustrades add a touch of glamour and extra safety. Contact Fine Line for more information today. You can design the staircase to be a straight, helical, S-shaped, half or quarter turn type. Subtle LED lights add a classy look.

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