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Balconies in Hale Barns

Balconies in Hale Barns, a Beautiful Addition to Your Building

Balconies in Hale BarnsBalconies in Hale Barns are an excellent addition to any building. They can increase the value of the building, and they can provide aesthetic appeal. It is important, however, to choose a company that has the experience and the knowledge to manufacture and install your balcony. We began offering our services in 2003, and continue to provide our expert workmanship at great prices. As we specialise in the design, fabrication and the manufacture of staircases, balustrades, hand rails and balconies, we are the company to choose. Quality is important to us. This is evident in all our products. If you are interested in a balcony for your building, give us a call and e can discuss your requirements.

For our clients in Hale Barns, balconies that are the most popular are Juliet balconies. A Juliet balcony is unique. They consist of a balustrade connection to the building facade. They do not have a deck to walk on, and are primarily for the protection of an opening such as French doors. Often for an application where a full balcony is impractical, Juliet balconies still offer many benefits. As they are in front of open doors, they offer the view and the fresh air that a conventional balcony does. We use toughened glass for our Juliet balconies, so you know they are safe. Additionally, we use a stainless steel handrail where this is necessary. The Juliet balcony offers an effective way to create an open, outdoor feel to a room.

Some may consider Juliet balconies in Hale Barns as purely aesthetic. However, while they are beautiful, they offer other benefits too. Other than allowing the fresh air in, one can also appreciate the view through a Juliet balcony. Additionally, they are a great space saving option, particularly in smaller buildings. If you are keen on a balcony for your building where there is not a lot of space, consider a Juliet balcony. For more details on how our expert team can assist you, contact Fine Line today. Other than beautiful balconies, we also offer staircases, balustrades, railing and canopies.  You can add to the glamour of your building with one of our balconies.

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