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The Perfect Hand Rails in Knutsford for Your New Build

Hand Rails in Knutsford Fine Line’s hand rails in Knutsford accompany our fine stairways and balconies built for your home or commercial properties. The artistic shapes and hues lend elegance while meeting the safety practicalities. Our stainless steel handrails are seamless and made from high quality stainless steel. We weld the joints for strength and durability and they can be fitted using either floor or wall options. Of course, we meet or exceed the building regulations for your particular property. However we do that in the most beautiful of ways. We offer many options and ideas but we can create a custom design for you. The fine details in our stainless steel railings really stand out once they’re finished and installed.

We build contemporary and modern balconies, staircases and balustrades primarily from wood, glass and steel. For commercial work, particularly balconies on high rise buildings in Knutsford, hand rails compliment the glass. Stainless steel railings, either simple or ornamental, add a fine finishing touch that is practical without being obvious. Now, for stairways, especially for elegant homes or gorgeous lobbies in office buildings or theatres, we get especially creative. The stainless steel hand rail becomes a part of the whole design that adds interest and luxury to the space. If you already have a design, we’ll build it for you.

We create stainless hand rails in Knutsford that flow and curve with the many styles of staircases. Our flowing staircases such as cantilevered or spiral stairs, centre spired or stringer stairs appear suspended in space when we use glass for stairs and balustrades, then add stainless steel hand  rails to define the shape. Juliet balconies are a wonderful way to open up a room to the outside. When we use stainless steel hand rails for Juliet balconies, they can add to the overall design. Or, if you prefer an unobstructed view, the hand rail can be very low profile. Contact Fine Line and tell us about your upcoming project. If you need ideas, browsing through our portfolio will surely inspire you. Show us your space and we can help you use it to make a dramatic statement in glass, wood and stainless steel.

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