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Steel Staircases in Prestbury

Steel Staircases in PrestburyWe can design and manufacture unique steel staircases in Manchester for a home or an office. You may have a limited space in which to install the staircase and we may have to refine the design so that it fits conveniently. The elegant stainless steel combined with our strong glass balustrades will make your staircase a statement piece in your home as well as being a practical means of ascending to the upper floors in safety. The clean lines of steel and glass together give your property a modern and contemporary feel as well as looking stunning in any home.

There are architecturally beautiful stairs that can be designed for homes that are a work of art and a statement piece in their own right as well as being a practical way to ascend to an upper floor or room. In Prestbury, steel staircases are designed and built by our well equipped workshop. Spiral and helical staircases can create a sense of light within a property and will take up far less space than traditional stairs. A spiral staircase is fixed to a column or pole and a helical staircase has a void in the centre of the stairs. They create a focal point of elegance to any room. We manufacture each piece of the staircase ourselves so that we can make sure that all the steel work that makes the staircase a work of art is perfect.

Our company has an enviable reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of steel staircases in Prestbury. Contact Fine Line today and let us know what you want. We will happily take as much time as necessary to design the perfect staircase, balustrade and handrails for your unique requirements. We also design and manufacture outdoor and indoor furniture as well as special bespoke furniture. Our balconies can be erected wherever you choose to place them and we have glass and steel canopies that protect you and your guests from rain when entering your dwelling. Come to us with your ideas and we will make them a reality no matter how unique your request may be.

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