Steel Staircases in Hale

Steel Staircases in HaleIf you are renovating or building a home, our steel staircases in Hale can be one of the major features in your home. We make a wide range of staircases in a number of materials besides steel. Stainless steel and glass or wooden staircases with stainless steel handrails are always eye-catching and look stunning in any home. We also design spiral staircases where there is a space limitation.  Our designers take special care to discuss all the client’s requirements and needs. Balustrades and handrails are very important parts of the staircase and need to be incorporated into the design to bring the staircase to brilliant life. They are also extremely vital to the safety of the people using the staircase as a slip could cause serious injuries if the materials are not specifically designed to be sturdy and strong.

Many homes are built on smaller pieces of land and to have enough space they need to be built in two or three stories. In Hale, steel staircases make access to the upper floors safe and add extra detail to the house. Our company designs cantilever staircases as well as single spine stairs. The designer may consult with the architect to decide on the best staircase for the house in order to keep true to the client’s wishes. Our staircases are highly individual and the risers can be manufactured from glass to perfect that modern, clean look.

Our company specialises in steel staircases in Hale as well as unique balconies and canopies. Contact Fine Line today to set up an appointment with one of our expert consultants. We fabricate all our own products which give us tight control over the quality of each individual piece. We also fabricate outdoor and indoor furniture that is designed for the specific unique requirements of each client. Our company also designs staircases, handrails and balustrades for offices where the character of the building is important to the business owner. We are also able to design and manufacture wooden staircases for the more traditional home or for renovations in a period house. The choice of materials and the type of staircase is up to each client’s personal taste.

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