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Steel Staircases in Cheshire

Steel Staircases in CheshireOur steel staircases in Cheshire come in many styles and even more designs to complement the architecture of your commercial building, retail store or modern home. We use steel and stainless steel along with glass and wood to create bespoke staircases in a multitude of designs to suit our customers. New designs or variations on established designs are being created with each new customer. You can tell us if you have an idea of what you want and we’ll turn it into a workable design. On the other hand, if you have no clue what kind of design would look great but you know you want an eye-catching contemporary stairway, we can give you our designer’s vision of a staircase that would look perfect for your space.

Our talented designers use computer-aided design (CAD) software along with their own artistic gifts to design a staircase pleasing to our clients. In Cheshire, steel staircases are fabricated and manufactured to the best of cantilever, stringer, centre spine and spiral. Likely one type will fit your space the best. We do the whole job from beginning to end so our team of installers will make sure what you see in our 3D design is exactly what is built in your space. Quality control is maintained and all building regulations are met for each project we undertake by managing it in house from start to finish. We have, over the years, established an enviable reputation due to the kindness and loyalty of our satisfied clients who refer their friends, family and associates to us. We are very grateful.

Although we work mostly with wood, glass and steel staircases in Cheshire do not rule out the presence of colour. We can accessorise staircases in so many unique ways. Powder-coated steel and tinted glass are two ways we add your colour preferences. Natural wood is stained in a multitude of earth tones and colours as well. The steel itself can be worked into a myriad of shapes and designs that create a staircase that is, in itself, a work of art. Your company logo can become part of the design making it completely unique. Contact Fine Line and schedule a free site survey and quote. We build beautiful modern staircases to complement your style but be assured that each has high safety level features incorporated into the design.

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