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Steel Staircases in Bramhall, Eye-Catching, Ultra-Modern, Affordable

steel staircases in BramhallYou might consider steel staircases in Bramhall appropriate only for industrial sites. Certainly they do offer the fire safety, durability and easy maintenance we all prefer. Maybe that’s why steel and stainless steel has found its way into modern architecture, both domestic and commercial. The industrial decor has been in high demand for quite a long time. The clean minimalist lines of steel staircases have found a home in ultra-modern decor as well. But for a more ornate look, we use steel in intricate designs for both stairs, balustrades and balconies. We offer designs to please all decor styles. Our workmanship and materials are guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Our steel staircases can be combined with natural wood and/or hardened glass for a design unique to your preferences. For those in Bramhall, steel staircases may incorporate powder coating in any colour or choose bright stainless steel for supports and railings. Bring your design to us or use one of our many designs as seen in our portfolio. If you just have an idea of what you would like to see, our designers can create your design according to your specifications. As such, steel staircases lend themselves especially well for spiral staircases in both spacious and tight spaces. Really, the options are endless for interior staircases, both modern and ornate.

We design and fabricate staircases, including steel staircases in Bramhall. Choose from spiral, centre spine, stringer, and cantilever. Moreover, our engineers have the experience and are conscientious with installation that meets or exceeds all work and safety standards. We have full insirance and we guarantee our work and materials to be of the highest quality and safety. Contact Fine Line for a free quote on a new steel staircase. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the final result is exactly as you envision it. Mix it up a little with glass or wood and you’re sure to create an eye catching focal point for your home or commercial building. If you need to get from one level to another, why not do it in style?

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