Stainless Steel Staircases in Macclesfield

Stainless Steel Staircases in MacclesfieldCustom made stainless steel staircases in Macclesfield is like functional sculpture for your home or office building. Open and free-flowing, it’s like walking on air. Staircases are our speciality at Fine Line and we will make suggestions but the final staircase decision belongs to our client. In new builds, there’s open space to work with and you have choices of styles like cantilever, stringer, single spine. Spiral staircases are great for tight spaces but if that’s what you love, you can put a spiral anywhere, especially in a new build. Maybe you’re converting an old historic warehouse into your private living space. High ceilings allow for an elegant staircase even if it just leads to a decorative platform with a large window and Juliet balcony. The contrast of modern glass and stainless steel against the aged brick and natural hardwood floors is stunning.

We combine stainless steel, glass and or wood for elegant, low profile staircases for indoor or out.  In Macclesfield, stainless steel staircases in a cantilevered or floating staircase drifting up from a wide foyer to a second floor can be designed so many clever ways. We can’t wait to show clients our ideas and hear what they have in mind. A glass and stainless steel single stringer floating staircase from your bedroom balcony down to your pool could be created to compliment your homes architecture and landscape. We love our work and find so many adjectives to describe the endless styles. Stainless steel is clean, open, flowing, minimalist, modern and on a practical note, low maintenance. Or, it can be strong, industrial and obvious.

Stainless steel staircases in Macclesfield offer a contemporary look to any setting. At first glance, one might think the staircases are unsafe but we can build in the safety beautifully. Barely there stainless steel handrails are sturdy and solidly anchored. Or the rail can be a major part of the design with bulky or ornate stainless steel railing and creative spindles from stainless steel that look like ropes, spirals, turned; whatever appeals to you.  Contact us and let’s get together and evaluate your space to see what style of stainless steel staircase you would like to have. Use one of our existing styles, or modify a style to your liking. Your new staircase is meant to reflect your style.

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