Stainless Steel Staircases in Altrincham

Stainless Steel Staircases in AltrinchamIf you’re thinking of installing stainless steel staircases in Altrincham, contact the specialists. Fine Line Balustrades specialise in a comprehensive range of staircases, along with other products like Juliet balconies, canopies, outdoor/indoor furniture, handrails and balustrades. Our staircases are available in a variety of designs ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, spiral, cantilever, and single spine. These designs are available in steel, glass and wood to sync with your unique lifestyle, needs, preferences and budget. Since staircases are our USP, we create bespoke products in different styles, sizes and designs that harmonise with the architectural theme of your building. Apart from aesthetics, we ensure that every staircase we create adheres to the best safety norms and precision engineering practices. Our highly-trained, talented and experienced team of professionals use cutting-edge CAD technology and the latest equipment in our work.

Whether you require stair access in commercial, residential or retail spaces, we have the perfect options for you. We also ensure that each and every design is created in compliance with current building regulations. In Altrincham, stainless steel staircases provide a practical, yet stunning alternative. They blend seamlessly into contemporary interior decorating styles, especially the minimalist, industrial flavour. You may be planning a completely new build, or the staircase could be part of a renovation, repair or refurbishment project. We can work in close coordination with your architects and decorators to create a bespoke product that provides beauty and character to your interiors. Installing a new staircase can also increase the value of your property, if you want to rent, lease or sell it.

Stainless steel staircases in Altrincham work well with a variety of other materials like glass, wood and stone to give you a unique and pleasing design. Stainless steel is tough, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. They are versatile enough to be the right option for apartments, homes, offices, sports complexes, shopping malls, business centres, healthcare facilities. For more information about our available stainless steel staircases, contact Fine Line.  We can design them in a variety of shapes like floating, curved, straight, flared, or with mid-air landings. These stairs are sturdy, cost-effective, long-lasting and the process of manufacturing is also simpler and cheaper.

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