Romantic Juliet Balconies in Cheshire Add Value to Your Home

Juliet Balconies in Cheshire Look to Fine Line Balustrades for Juliet balconies in Cheshire to add architectural appeal and functionality to your home, high-rise apartment building or office space. Although the Juliet balcony gets its name from Shakespeare’s Juliet, it’s likely not the balcony Shakespeare envisioned. It does not protrude from the building with space for sitting or standing. The purpose of  a Juliet Balcony is to surround double doors usually located on upper floors. The balcony is only a few inches deep and fronted with a balustrade for design and safety. The balcony allows occupants to safely open the doors inward, allow fresh air to flow through and enjoy the view. It allows for privacy as well, even in a high rise where each unit is fitted with a Juliet Balcony.

Through the centuries Juliet balconies have been an integral part of architecture. In Cheshire, Juliet balconies designed and installed by Fine Line fit with the sleek and subtle clean lines of modern architecture. The ornately designed balconies of the past were heavy on stone and intricate wrought iron. Ours are built from glass with or without a balustrade or thin railing of fine stainless steel. Not only is the low profile a popular modern design, but these Juliet bBalconies do not obstruct the view. Fail safe fitting standards that exceed local building codes provide confidence in the balcony safety. We always appreciate the opportunity to sit down with clients and explain in detail the installation process we use for Juliet Balconies.

Juliet balconies in Cheshire require a handrail for toughened glass that is single panel. If you prefer the no handrail all glass style, we can use toughened and laminated glass with a 17.5 thickness. Your view is completely unobstructed so you can throw the doors open wide and flood the room with natural light. Juliet balconies incorporated into the design of hotels, condominiums and office buildings create a dramatic interior selling feature that may easily justify a higher asking price. Contact Fine Line and tell us about your project. We’ll gladly prepare a free quote presented with absolute clarity. A Juliet balcony is also an asset and selling feature for private multi storied and high ceiling homes. As a master suite feature, it may trump the en-suite bath and double walk-in cupboards.

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