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Juliet Balconies in Stockport

Juliet Balconies in StockportJuliet balconies in Stockport by Fine Line are the best you will find in this part of the country.  As specialists in the manufacture of stairways, balustrades and Juliet balconies, in all styles, from traditional to modern, utilitarian to ornately designed, there is something for everyone! Our staircases range from cantilever to spiral designs, manufactured in a variety of materials including wood, glass and stainless steel. Options in the balustrades range can leave you gasping in wonder. The available choices include a frame-less design in sheer glass and stainless steel framed ones  that add a touch of elegance to something as mundane as a staircase. We also design bespoke furniture, both indoor and outdoor and beautiful glass canopies.

Around the world, as in Stockport Juliet balconies are planned to be light, spacious and to definitely enhance the appearance of buildings. Juliet balconies, known as a’ balconettes’ or ‘French Balcony’ are named after the one in the famed Shakespearean Play “Romeo and Juliet” While earlier, a Juliet balcony was a black painted steel structure attached to the facade of a building, newer versions are made from clear glass which allows occupants in rooms at higher levels to enjoy natural light and take in the view. Earlier, these structures often looked solid, heavy and ugly and interfered with the view from the inside. They rarely complemented the design of the building. 

Juliet balconies in Stockport are becoming a very popular aspect of designing modern living spaces Today, they are seen to be advantageous, especially in smaller spaces or studio flats. Architects and designers are opting for this innovative feature as they are not only useful, but installation is fast, they are cost effective and they appeal aesthetically. They add a clever illusion of space, allow for natural light and are completely safe to use.  In fact, Juliet balconies are a much sought-after feature in both domestic and commercial projects as they can easily merge or stand out as design components. Contact Fine Line today for more information about our Juliet balconies. We use 17.5mm toughened, laminated glass which is durable and also adds a light touch!

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