Juliet Balconies in Stockport

Juliet Balconies in StockportFor the supply and fit most delightful Juliet balconies in Stockport, speak to Fine Line. These balconies are also known as balconets as they are not a full-sized balcony but rather an aesthetic addition across a window or a door. The Juliet balcony can be manufactured for you in a range of styles which include having a stainless steel handrail or plain glass. Not only are these balconets attractive but they also prevent anyone from falling out of a wide window.  Many people wish to have an airy and open atmosphere in their room and the Juliet balcony allows you to fit French doors to an outside wall. This opens the room up and brings an amazing amount of natural light into the space. Having a glass Juliet balcony gives the room the illusion of having endless space to it.

A romantic and dreamy finish to any room in Stockport, Juliet balconies are made of toughened glass. The Juliet balcony with no handrail, in other words, just plain glass which is made of 17.5mm toughened and laminated glass. If a thinner glass pane is required then a handrail is necessary. We also manufacture glass and stainless steel canopies which are usually fitted over entrance doors but can also be fitted over windows. These provide protection from the elements and can allow clients to enter your building without getting wet. Not only are they useful but they are also immensely stylish and add the perfect finish to a building.

Our Juliet balconies in Stockport are extremely affordable and built to the highest safety standards. Contact Fine Line today to see the wide range of products we manufacture. Our staircases are made to suit the style of the building and provide elegant access to the upper floors. We can offer a wide range of staircases including unusual centre spire stairs or cantilever staircases as well as stringer stairs and the ever-popular spiral staircase. All our staircases come with the option of the most beautiful handrails and balustrades. All of our products are made of safety glass and the finest quality stainless steel to ensure they never rust or shatter.

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