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Juliet Balconies in Hale Barnes, Perfect for Any Building

Juliet Balconies in Hale BarnsThe adoption of Juliet balconies in Hale Barnes shows the influence of foreign architecture in the North West. Juliet balconies are quite popular in Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Italy and Spain and have also been widely adopted in France. The name Juliet Balcony was derived from the Shakespearian play, Romeo and Juliet. It is a kind of false balcony that is set up right outside a set of French doors or windows without a landing. The idea is to give you the sense of being on a balcony when your doors or windows are open. Our glass pane Juliet balconies enhance this feeling by creating an invisible barrier between the inside and outside of your room.

Juliet balconies are ideal for locations that have limited space or extreme weather conditions. In Hale Barnes, Juliet balconies afford you many luxuries that ordinary ones don’t. For starters, you can enjoy your balcony on any day whether it is windy, sunny, rainy or snowing. This is because you are not exposed to the elements as you would with a conventional balcony. Also, you don’t need to incur the expense of building an external balcony.  In this way, a Juliet balcony saves you a lot of time and money in the building process. Juliet balconies can also be installed in places with limited space or where building codes prevent the installation of a conventional balcony.

Our Juliet balconies in Hale Barnes are a unique blend of art and engineering. They are made from the highest quality glass fabrications in the industry. A lot of technical thought goes into each of our designs to offer unquestionable structural integrity. To ensure this structural integrity, we make our balconies and canopies from 17.5mm toughened and laminated safety glass. If you opt for the thinner single panel toughened glass, we will reinforce it with a steel handrail. Contact Fine Line today for more information about our products and services. We typically design each of our products from scratch with the guidance of our clients. As such, we will invest time to listen and get to know you before proposing a unique solution for your case.

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