Juliet Balconies in Bramhall

Juliet Balconies in BramhallEnvisioning Juliet balconies in Bramhall on otherwise plain tall windows is easy for us at Fine Line.They add so much character to the exterior of the building. However, from the inside, our Juliet balconies open up a room to the sky above and the streetscape below. As they’re made of glass, they don’t obstruct the view. You have multiple styles from which to choose and all are made from toughened glass. A handrail is required for single panel toughened glass so for these we use stainless steel. If you prefer no handrail, then we’ll use the thicker 17.5 mm toughened and laminated glass. Of course, you may choose both the handrail and the thicker glass. Juliet balconies provide a measure of safety so you can enjoy your tall windows and glass doors.

Juliet balconies are the obvious choice when a full-sized balcony, complete with furniture, is not possible. In Bramhall, Juliet balconies are especially desirable in high-rise buildings. Older office and apartment buildings tend to be short on space and natural light. You can open up your space by installing large windows or glass doors with a Juliet balcony. Now you have open views and plenty of natural light. There is no heart-stopping sheer drop and you can safely stand on the narrow balcony. You may not be adding actual square footage but the room will feel more spacious. At Fine Line, we know from experience that those few inches of glass make all the difference in crowded high-rise buildings in big cities. Tenants will pay a premium for the natural light and sense of openness.

Juliet balconies in Bramhall are one of the ways we make tight spaces work for building occupants. You might be interested in our low profile staircases and glass-enclosed safety walls. Many are works of art which also provide service to building occupants. We serve commercial and domestic customers. Our products lend great style to the modern contemporary home. Contact Fine Line for Juliet balconies that will enhance new builds and remodels. Fun, function, style and safety are built into everything we build using artistic skills and durable materials.

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