Juliet Balconies in Alderley Edge

Juliet Balconies in Alderley EdgeJuliet balconies in Alderley Edge by Fine Line are made from either single panel toughened glass or toughened and laminated glass. If used as a canopy it must be toughened and laminated safety glass. Our stainless steel handrail is mandatory for canopy style but not the single panel style. A Juliet balcony is an architectural feature that adds style and interest to a building, especially storied buildings. A flat panel on the exterior of a building spanning French doors or floor to ceiling double windows allows fresh air and sunshine into the room, bringing the outside in. Naturally, it serves as a safety precaution on storied buildings and high rises. Because we make our single panel Juliet balconies from glass, the view is undisturbed and the balcony can easily withstand the elements.

One style of Juliet balcony forms a canopy and is used over a floor to ceiling window or door and overhangs an entrance. Used in Alderley Edge, Juliet balconies of this design would include a decorative handrail since it extends out further. The dual function opens your room to the outside and provides protection from the elements for your entrance. Plus, this Juliet balcony like all the other designs adds a delightful architectural touch to the building and doesn’t block the view.  We have beautiful designs from which you may choose including those barely-there subtle to striking modernistic and futuristic styles.

Whether you choose cantilevered or flat panel Juliet balconies in Alderley Edge, they are beautifully constructed for form and function. The clean contemporary lines of frameless glass and stainless steel adapts well to both domestic and commercial. We bring our signature design indoors as well with our stunning staircases and balustrades. Contact Fine Line and let us show you how a Juliet balcony can impact the light and spaciousness of a master bedroom, dining or living room. The depth of your balcony need not be great to impact the function and architectural appeal. We can offer many examples of our work; all designed, fabricated and installed with great care using only the finest materials and workmanship.

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