Hand Rails in Bramhall

Hand Rails in Bramhallwe are specialists in staircases we are also necessarily expert manufacturing hand rails in Bramhall. Every staircase needs to be as safe as possible and our hand rails and balustrades prevent people from falling by providing a sturdy and strong support to hold on to for balance while ascending or descending the stairs. These can be made from many different materials to suit your staircase and blend into your unique decor. They can be stunningly beautiful and enhance the look of the staircase. We work in a variety of materials including stainless steel which is a neat and clean as well as a very strong metal. It will not rust or tarnish and is always bright and shiny.

We manufacture a wide variety of staircases in a number of different materials. In Bramhall, hand rails are fitted for safety reasons but also enhance the style of the staircase. The most ancient known handrail was found in an Assyrian ruin and have therefore been used for thousands of years. They can be fitted to walls or to the top of balustrades and can erected at different heights according to whether the stairs are used by adults or children. The most important dimension for a hand rail is that it fits comfortably into the hand which allows people to grip it to provide balance and stability.

Our company is well known for making and fitting functional and beautiful hand rails in Bramhall. Contact Fine Line today and we can visit your home or office to design delightful handrails for the building. We also specialise in glass fabrication of stairs and balustrades and manufacture and supply outdoor and indoor furniture as well as balconies and canopies. Our years of experience make us some of the most experienced designers and manufacturers of all types of staircases including spiral, cantilever single spine and stringer staircases using stainless steel, glass and wood materials. Our unique staircases make a statement in your home or office and each one is designed to suit the character of the room and the individual requirements of the homeowner. We take great care to ensure that our stairs, balustrades and handrails are made to the very highest standards.

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