Hand Rails in Alderley Edge

Hand Rails in Alderley EdgeAdd style and safety to your building with our range of top-quality hand rails in Alderley Edge. Fine Line Balustrades is a firm that specialises in a wide range of staircases, balustrades, handrails, bespoke outdoor and indoor furniture and Juliet balconies. We manufacture, supply and install products in steel, glass and wood to suit your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences and budget. Our selection of stainless steel handrails can be customised to fit your specific requirements. You can give us your specifications regarding style, size and finish, whether it’s a domestic or commercial project. We manufacture premium quality, strong, seamless stainless steel hand rails, with welded joints to increase stability, strength, rigidity and reliability. All our hand rails are available with a choice of floor or wall fitting options. Once they’re polished and dressed, they’re ready for installation on steps, staircases, and ramps in the office or home.

For builders in Alderley Edge, hand rails manufactured by us are in compliance with all building regulation codes. Stairs that are wider than one metre should have handrails on both sides, or on one side if they’re less wide. They may be supported by newels, balusters or posts and they may be categorised as either grab rails or guardrails. They are commonly installed on stairs, steps and escalator systems while ascending or descending. According to British Standards, the ideal height for hand rails is set between 0.9 and 1 metre. Studies show that staircase accidents result in the death of at least two people every day in the UK.

If there are children using the stairs regularly, it’s important to provide an additional set of hand rails in Alderley Edge, positioned at an appropriate height. This helps to provide added safety in schools, entertainment spaces, hospitals, and public buildings. They can be incorporated in an aesthetic way into the existing configuration. The rails should also be designed to provide a complete grip to users. Contact us today for more information about our hand rails. Railings are a crucial aspect of stairwell and access safety in buildings and a legal requirement. They offer support, prevent people from rushing or tripping on stairs and give a finished look to the structure.

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