Floating Glass Stairs in Wilmslow, an Ethereal and Elegant Touch

Floating Glass Stairs in WilmslowGive your home an ethereal yet contemporary touch with floating glass stairs in Wilmslow from Fine Line. Our team specialises in a comprehensive range of staircases, handrails, Juliet balconies, canopies and handrails. We offer a variety of styles and products in glass, metal and wood to suit your specific requirements. Our staircases are safe, durable, and functional. We fabricate and install fine staircases and balustrades across the area.  Apart from our beautiful floating glass stairs, we also have a range of bespoke feature stairs, stainless steel handrails, and cantilever stairs.

For our clients in Wilmslow, floating glass stairs make a design statement that sets your home apart from others. There’s no doubt that these stairs look wonderful. However, many customers worry about their safety, durability and functionality in family homes. They are aesthetically pleasing and blend easily with almost any design element, whether classical or contemporary. When combined with well-designed lighting, they give a celestial beauty to your room. If you have a limited space to work with, glass stairs are the answer. Being transparent, they provide the feeling of space by letting light shine through. They’re surprisingly hard to damage and very easy to clean.

Our floating glass stairs in Wilmslow look as though they’re in space without structural support. However, they’re have hidden structural elements that provide strength and reliability. These stairs are an extremely popular option in modern redecoration and interior design. We can install them indoors or outdoors. Our team can make them to match your requirements. Contact Fine Line for more about our floating glass stairs. Floating glass stairs are made with tempered, toughened or laminated glass. Choose options such as glass treads with wooden or metal banisters, glass guardrails and balustrades, and panels. Modern technology offers anti-slip glass options.

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