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Floating Glass Stairs in Whaley Bridge, a Graceful Statement for Your Building

Floating Glass Stairs in Whaley BridgeFloating glass stairs in Whaley Bridge is just the architectural touch your modern home or building needs to make a statement. Graceful, barely there designs can be customised to enhance your space. Look to Fine Line Balustrades for stainless steel and glass fabrications of the highest quality and design. We will create a custom look that is just right, for either indoor or outside. Floating staircases hide the support structure and that creates the illusion of stairs that float ever upward. When the floating stairs are made from glass, the open concept is realised. Thin stainless handrails and minimalist support cables add safety and support along with multiple stunning designs and sizes. Or use a glass balustrade for a truly open feeling.

At Fine Line, we use cutting edge technology to design and fabricate stunning staircases in glass, wood and stainless steel. When you see our portfolio of work in Whaley Bridge, floating glass stairs we’ve created will inspire you. Each staircase is originally designed to suit our clients, precision engineered for safety and installed to all government safety standards. We create them to integrate seamlessly into your decor by working closely with you and adapting your preferences. Floating glass stairs lend a graceful and elegant touch to both formal and casual settings. But for a breath taking experience, where the view is special, consider this style of stair outside with a deeply terraced landscape.

We take pride in our work, including floating glass stairs in Whaley Bridge. Our many years of experience and quality craftsmanship have earned us an excellent reputation. Each staircase we design, manufacture and install is carefully and closely project managed from the initial site survey to the final inspection. Beyond that, should repairs or inspections ever be necessary we are happy to oblige. We use only the finest stainless steel and timber products along with hardened glass for strength and durability. Don’t be fooled by the delicate beauty of floating glass stairs; they can safely handle the foot traffic. Contact Fine Line and schedule your site survey and a price quote. We give new meaning to the form and function description.

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