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Floating Glass Stairs in Denton for a Dramatic Statement for Your Building

Floating Glass Stairs in DentonDon’t just build stairs, build floating glass stairs in Denton. Make a dramatic statement while attending to the necessary function of accessing upper floors. At Fine Line, we design and install beautiful floating glass stairs that will add a touch of luxury to your own home or to the lobby of your commercial building. We anchor the staircase in such a way as to hide the hardware and anchors. The glass we use is toughened glass and we can use the same glass for the balustrade. A simple stainless steel handrail with any number of different designs as railing anchors such as a minimalist intricate chain provides a suspended bridge look. The floating glass staircases we create are strong, durable and meet or exceed all British Standards.

There are practical reasons to choose transparent staircases. In Denton, floating glass stairs appear suspended in space. However, since you can see through them, they do not appear to occupy the space. That’s especially sensible when space is limited. An ornate oak staircase needs a lot of open space to prevent overcrowding a room. Even then, it may be the only thing one sees when entering the room. Floating glass stairs are perfect for smaller spaces because you see the flowing form but you can see through the substance. So, you can see the whole room which will not look cramped. In a location where there are large windows and spectacular views, floating glass stairs are most suitable even when the area is spacious. It becomes one with the view instead of blocking it.

At Fine Line, we specialise in modern styles like floating glass stairs in Denton. Included in our many modern designs are stringer staircases, spirals, cantilever, and single spine. Our choice of materials is glass, wood and stainless steel. Our custom staircases create a truly fine line in the design of your living or commercial space. Each style is customised to suit the client and harmonise with both the interior style and the building architecture. Contact Fine Line and schedule an appointment for an on-site survey. Keep in mind, floating glass stairs will make a stunning statement when used outdoors as well as in. We’ll work closely with you to create the stairs you want in a timely and cost effective manner.

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