Floating Glass Stairs in Cheadle, Creating an Open Concept that Feels Spacious

Floating Glass Stairs in CheadleAt Fine Line Balustrades, floating glass stairs in Cheadle is one of the many beautiful designs in our collection of custom staircases. We specialise in glass, stainless steel and wood creations that are so in demand for today’s modern look. The clean lines and minimalist profile of floating glass stairs is a favourite where open space and unobstructed views are desirable. Choose your own look by pairing our floating stairs with a railing made from glass, cable or stainless steel. Include a glass balustrade for extra safety and top it with a railing. Floating glass stairways are fabulous for grand entrances. However, they are also quite versatile. Use them indoors or outdoors.

Our engineers and fabricators can create any design or combination of  designs to achieve the look you want. In Cheadle, floating glass stairs fabricated and installed by our highly experienced team lives up to our excellent reputation for fine workmanship. Quality and safety is built into every project using the best materials. Our portfolio of floating glass staircases includes commercial and residential clients. The support for floating glass stairs helps define the finished look. It must be unobtrusive to give the impression the stairs are floating in air. A single or double-steel steel stringer or metal frames may be used for support. Although glass stringers can also be used. For a truly dramatic look, glass stringers that support from the ceiling are awesome. 

You can be confident that floating glass stairs in Cheadle are well supported whether you can see the support or not. Another option to consider is whether you want open risers. Floating glass staircases are made of hardened glass and can be left open. If you prefer, closed, glass is still used and the illusion of floating stairs is still effective. Contact Fine Line if floating glass stairs is an idea you are considering. Of course we build all types of stairs including single spine, curved glass, spiral and cantilever. You might also want to consider our Juliet balconies and glass balustrades. You will be making an architectural statement while providing a safe function.

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