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Floating Glass Stairs in Bramhall, a Stunning Statement in Any Home

Floating glass stairs in BramhallFloating glass stairs in Bramhall make a stunning statement in both homes and commercial buildings. Floating stairs can also be made of wood, acrylic, or stainless steel. As interior designs continue to move toward a modern, minimalist look, floating stairs have become more popular than ever. Increase a sense of uncluttered open space and allow in as much natural light as possible with floating stairs. Of course, floating stairs are functional, safe and make an architectural statement. While floating stairs seem to be floating in the air (hence the name) they are of course safely anchored. At Fine Line, we anchor floating stairs using the right technique for the location. Most of the anchor hardware is not immediately visible. The anchors that are visible will blend attractively with the design.

A grand open floating glass stairway gracefully curving upward to a magnificent hall or balcony is breathtaking. Just as breathtaking in Bramhall, floating glass stairs that spiral up. They save space and serve a function without interrupting the light or view. When choosing glass stairs, rest assured those stairs are as strong and safe as steel. So is the glass baluster, if you choose to use one. That adds to safety without interrupting the view or light. You could use a thin stainless handrail to top it or for even more openness, choose just the thin handrail. It’s a nice architectural touch to see a floating handrail. It won’t clutter the view. Spiral glass stairs are an excellent choice for tight spaces.

We specialise in floating glass stairs in Bramhall and all other types and styles of stairways. We can customise a staircase to your specifications. The modern look is predominant and includes elegant, barely-there, industrial and more. Contact Fine Line and let us present our portfolio of recent work along with ideas you might like. Each design must be fitted to the available space but we can make it work for you. We work closely with you during the project to make sure you are satisfied with the results. All our work is carried out with experienced and skilled engineers to British Standards.

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