Finest Quality Handrails in Hale to Enhance your Home

handrails in HaleHandrails in Hale, manufactured and installed by Fine Line, are an excellent addition to your staircase. It is natural to look for something to hold onto as you descend the stairs in your home, because it is easy to lose balance while you are in motion. They are also a necessity for people with visual problems and disabilities. Handrails not only increase the safety of your staircase but also play a role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. In the UK, the HSE states in their building regulations that hand rails need to be in the right place, at the right height and easy to grasp.

For your building in Hale, handrails manufactured from stainless steel are strong, durable and add a clean, stylish finish to your staircase.  As stainless steel is one of the most durable materials available, it is an ideal choice for handrails. The stainless steel handrails that we manufacture and install are strong as it has a high tensile strength. They are also rust proof and can withstand different weather conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor railings. We manufacture a wide range of bespoke stainless steel handrails to any size, and in various styles and finishes for both the commercial and domestic markets. As we use only welded joints, we know our stainless steel handrails are strong, rigid and reliable. Our manufacturing process allows us to add wall or floor fittings to the handrails. This makes them ideal for installation on all staircases, entrance steps, access ramps, offices, and the home. We take pride in our eye for detail, and our high levels of workmanship in the manufacture and the installation of our handrails. All our handrails comply with current building regulations.

Consider handrails in Hale for your home. Other than the aesthetic value, and the safety features you will add to your home with our handrails, you will also benefit from a number of other aspects. Our handrails are easy to maintain, and, they are also easy to keep clean with a simple wipe and dust. To find out more about our handrails, contact Fine Line today. You will find that our prices are competitive.

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