Feature Stairs in Buxton, Incorporating Form and Function

Contact Fine LineFeature Stairs in BuxtonForm and function is what feature stairs in Buxton are all about. They are what guests to your home or office building see first. Feature stairs make a statement that speaks to your good taste and style. We build feature stairs that define the modern style from glass, wood and stainless steel. Instead of taking up a lot of space and blocking surrounding views, our stairs can appear to be floating in air with visibility through and around them. The balustrades or handrails offer opportunities to add interesting design features and ornate touches. You will see purposeful design in every aspect of the stairs including the points where components are joined together and to the main anchor surface. Within the interesting form is strength, durability, safety and all required standards.

We design, build and install stairs, balconies, balustrades and canopies to exacting standards. For those seeking a Wow factor in Buxton, feature stairs are an excellent way to do it. After all, it’s likely you need stairs in that location anyway. If the space is not overly large, our stairs made from clear toughened glass will provide a sense of open space. Combine that with a spiral staircase and you have solved the space and style problem beautifully while fulfilling a need. Floating stairs with a glass balustrade or barely there stainless steel handrail lend themselves nicely to rooms with a large view. Such stairs preserve the wide open feel of the room. Consider too that exterior feature stairs compliment your access from balcony level to patio and pool level.

Feature stairs in Buxton are custom designed to fit your style and your space. We have a huge portfolio of work that we have carried out for homes, office complexes and specialised businesses. Contact Fine Line for a consultation on your project, domestic or commercial. We work with all major contractors to complete new builds and refurbishments. Within our vast selection of options for feature stairs, there is always room for the new and unusual. Modifications can always be made to existing designs as well. Style and safety is built into every project we undertake. We want to show you first hand the quality of materials and workmanship you can expect from Fine Line feature stairs.

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