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Curved Glass Spiral Stairs in Hazel Grove, a Stunning Addition to Your Building

Hazel GroveCurved Glass Spiral Stairs in Hazel GroveStunning curved glass spiral stairs in Hazel Grove is a work of art from all angles. Whether looking up the staircase, down from the top or through the glass, it’s like a fantasy. This is the centrepiece of your lobby or foyer. We design and build many staircase designs from glass, wood and stainless steel. The curved glass spiral is one of our most glamorous and lavish designs. The toughened glass is completely safe, strong and crystal clear. We have some designs but  you may have your own ideas. Where structurally possible, we modify to suit you. The staircase can be all glass, balustrades and steps. Glass with oak step surfaces is very attractive or you can add a stainless steel handrail atop the glass and trim the stairs with the same. There are multiple variations.

Stainless steel trim creates an artistic flair all it’s own. In Hazel Grove, curved glass spiral stairs appear transparent. That leaves waves of stainless steel trim seemingly floating in air with graceful curves. Our curved glass spiral stairs are artfully designed to prevent obstruction of the view and make even small areas feel spacious. Fanciful function suitable for inside or outside leading from balcony to pool and patio. They give a Cinderella touch to a two-storey stairwell. Although for a two story our spirals would not be as tightly wound. We have other designs that will captivate your imagination as well that compliment today’s light and modern decor preferences. A tint of colour to the glass is also an option.

Don’t be fooled by the lighter than air appearance of curved glass spiral stairs in Hazel Grove. We build strength into the design and structure. We choose the best method of attachment and make it part of the design or obscure it within the design. We work with trusted material suppliers so we’re sure of the quality of every component. Our team of engineers are perfectionists and highly skilled. Your staircase project is managed from the original design through to final installation. All safety standards are met or exceeded. Contact Fine Line and let us show you examples of our designs and some finished projects. All work and materials are guaranteed as well as our customers’ satisfaction.

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