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Curved Glass Spiral Stairs in Handforth: a Practical Choice for Small Spaces

Curved Glass Spiral Stairs in HandforthWe have created and installed curved glass spiral stairs in Handforth for all types of clients. Our team of fabricators and engineers are highly experienced and skilled in building unique stairways from many designs and combinations using glass, wood and stainless steel. These are our specialities and they range from practical to theatrical, depending on the client. Curved glass spiral stairs serve as a practical choice of stairway for tight spaces. They do not take up much room because they spiral and since they are made from glass, they create the illusion of more wide-open space. A glass balustrade provides safety for users, without compromising the open look.

However, you can also choose a unique look by using stainless steel railings or ornamental fixtures. In Handforth, curved glass spiral stairs using tinted glass is very attractive. Our designers have many creative ideas and an impressive portfolio to help you choose the best glass spiral stairs for your location. In your home, the spiral might be tighter, depending on space but you won’t feel crowded. In a huge, high ceilinged two or three storey entry, a large sweeping spiral will look magnificent.  Always, you can choose to personalise the stairway by adding colour tint, wood or stainless steel fixtures. If your location has a great view put in big windows and glass spiral stairs so the view is not blocked.

We design and build beautiful curved glass spiral stairs in Handforth, but we do so much more. How about glass spiral stairs leading from your outdoor pool to your bedroom balcony. We build glass Juliet balconies with glass balustrades so the view from the bedroom suite is completely unobstructed. Our staircases made from glass, wood and stainless steel, in cantilever, stringer and single spine fit beautifully with today’s’ modern lifestyle and decor. Contact Fine Line and let’s talk about your stairway project, look at some designs we have and hear your ideas. Together we can create a work of art. Beautiful curved glass spiral stairs serve a function but they’re also the artistic focal point in the room; like a lovely sculpture.

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