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Steel Staircases in Manchester

Choose Steel Staircases in Altrincham for Style and Durability

Steel Staircases in Altrincham Choose steel staircases in Altrincham for style, sophistication and durability. While there’s no doubt that wooden stairs are the classical and conventional choice, modern technology has changed the design landscape. Thus, our range of stairs are available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. We create bespoke products to match your unique requirements. Furthermore, our designers can blueprint stairs that align with the architectural concept of your building. It’s not just about aesthetics for us. Thus, the focus is on functional and affordable solutions. We work in tandem with you right from the beginning.

Hence, in Altrincham, steel staircases we manufacture include materials such as wood, stainless steel and glass. Every piece is stunningly beautiful as well as functional. You can select cantilever, spiral, centre spine, stringer or conventional straight stairs.  We begin every project with a detailed on-site assessment to evaluate the scope of work. Based on this, we can give you a free, no-obligation quotation. You can make an informed choice regarding your budget, time frame and preferences. All our work is in compliance with building safety regulations. Precision engineering goes hand in hand with the latest CAD technology in every project we undertake.

When we create steel staircases in Altrincham, we use steel mainly because of its sturdiness. Being a strong and stable material, it can withstand impact, heavy loads, wear and tear and weather conditions. It is versatile enough to be moulded into different shapes and configurations without compromising on safety. When other elements are added to steel, it becomes corrosion and abrasion resistant. Thus, steel stairs blend into most architectural styles. Contact Fine Line for more information on the advantages of using steel for your staircase. Further, staircases are not merely functional, they can also be a crucial design element in your space.

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