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Cantilever Stairs in Ashton-Under-Lyne

Choose Cantilever Stairs in Hyde for a Bright and Airy Feel for any Room

Cantilever Stairs in Hyde Choose our top-quality cantilever stairs in Hyde and give your room a light and airy feel. We bring you a dazzling selection of balustrades, staircases, Juliet balconies, canopies and handrails. We specialise in a comprehensive range of staircases. These include spiral, quarter-turn, and many others. Each one of these is beautiful, functional and strong. Different materials such as wood, metal and glass are suitable for construction. You can select the right one to match your architectural style. We are strong on incorporating safety features into every one of our products. Our staircases fit right in to homes, offices, and retail spaces.

For your project in Hyde, cantilever stairs are a great option.  These staircases are also known as “floating” stairs. They appear to be floating or suspended in the air.  Hence, this design is ideal for modern, open-concept interiors. They maximise the usable space in the room. Thus they’re popular with folks who have space limitations. Since there are gaps between each step, the staircase allows light to pass through at different levels. This creates a lovely light and shade effect. Further, they’re also suitable for outdoors installation. As such, if you’re planning an extension or remodelling makeover, consider the cantilever option. You can have the staircase of your dreams.

Staircases make a huge impact on the design of a building, and with cantilever stairs in Hyde, you will get the effect you want.  While installing cantilever stairs, technicians generally use wood-clad steel studs in a beam that runs up the wall on the side. For more details on our different cantilever stairs, contact Fine Line today. Moreover, all our staircases are designed by experienced engineers and technicians. This ensures their safety, sturdiness and longevity. Further, we can advise you on the proper care, maintenance and safety measures. Thus, you can add value to your property with cantilever stairs.

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