Cantilever Stairs in Poynton

Cantilever Stairs in Poynton, Expertly Designed, Manufactured and Installed

Cantilever Stairs in PoyntonCantilever stairs in Poynton can make an architectural statement all by themselves. The view is open and minimalist. Each step appears to be magically floating on air.  Our structural engineers design, build and install stairways of every kind, including cantilever. The stairs may appear to be floating. However, the truth is we have each step strongly anchored and levelled. Each step is anchored at only one end to a bearing wall when possible. When that’s not possible, we embed a beam within the wall for the purpose of anchoring each stair. Further, using steel pins and bolts for strength and stability, we anchor each step. The anchor point is mostly hidden from view. Any tell-tale signs of support are carefully and artistically camouflaged.

Our team creates all our stairs from stainless steel, wood and glass. Therefore, in Poynton, cantilever stairs may have treads from either of those materials. The whole stairway may be primarily one material or any combination thereof. Those three natural components, in endless combinations, can create custom designs. Glass stairs are very popular for cantilever stairs. We may create a glass baluster, perhaps with a thin stainless steel handrail floating above. Such stairways are beautiful in large open spaces. We’ll tint the glass tinted for an entirely different look with wood treads.

You may already have an idea for the cantilever stairs in Poynton that you want for your project. If not, we assure you that our portfolio of designs will inspire you. Further, every component in our cantilever stairs is from high quality materials. We engineer the design and installation for maximum strength, safety and durability.  Our fabricators and installers are all CSCS certified. Contact Fine Line and tell us about your upcoming project. We’re in business since 2003 but our experience predates the start of our business. Moreover, we welcome both residential and commercial projects from anywhere across the North West. Furthermore, our team works with homeowners, building contractors, architects and interior designers.

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