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Glass Balustrades in Cheshire

Cantilever Stairs in Cheshire, for a Light, Airy, Floating Look

Cantilever Stairs in CheshireChoose our top quality cantilever stairs in Cheshire for that light, airy, floating look. These gorgeous staircases give your room an ethereal look. The stairs appear to suspend in the air, without anything to support them. Of course, that is a clever illusion. In fact, cantilever staircases are as strong and sturdy as any other variation. Their unique look comes from smart engineering. At Fine Line, we can construct them according to your unique requirements and space considerations. They are both beautiful and functional. Their special appearance comes from the fact that the treads have a sturdy, hidden steel structure. This may be inside or below the treads.

Many clients love the minimalist, almost industrial look that cantilever stairs give to the home. However, with the right type of styling, they are made to match any style of architecture. In Cheshire, cantilever stairs engineering is careful taking their load-bearing capacity into consideration. This is what minimises the amount of flexibility and bend they may otherwise have. Our expert design team can offer a great blend of functionality, beauty, strength and durability. Moreover, we have several years’ experience in this sector. Hence, we’re proud to be one of the leading companies in the region.

Cantilever stairs in Cheshire can become the focal point in your interior design scheme. Hence, they are a great way to bring natural light, space and air into the room. For more details about our cantilever stairs, contact Fine Line today. Additionally, the treads can be made of metal, wood, stone, concrete or glass. You can add a strong balustrade in any of these materials for support and strength. It is important that the design, build and installation of the staircase is by experts who have extensive experience in this field. This will ensure safety and also maintain the balance and horizontal aspect of the treads. Moreover, you will love the way that light passes through the gaps in the treads. As such, this gives your room an additional feel of space and light.

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