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Balustrades in Wilmslow, Wood, Glass or Stainless Steel to Meet Your Requirements

Balustrades in WilmslowFor the best balustrades in Wilmslow, look to Fine Line. The best when it comes to designing and manufacturing staircases, and accessories like handrails, balustrade systems, canopies and balconies, we have it all. We design spiral, cantilever, single spine and stringer staircases. Depending on preferences and life styles they can be made of wood, glass or stainless steel, blending into your interiors and adding a stylish interior design feature. Staircases need to be customised differently to suit specific needs and purposes or be suited to areas in which they will be used. Using the latest CAD design technology we now fabricate stunning designs much sought after by all.

For clients in Wilmslow, balustrade systems designed by us for different staircases  give you the choices that you can find only at Fine Line. We have a wide selection of glass, stainless steel, frameless and glass channel system options that make our balustrades unique, popular and prominent features in interior designing. We provide installation services using the best quality finishing products. Some of our prized designs include the frameless glass system, side fix system, wire rope system, glass clamp and curved glass balustrades. Be it for outside or indoors, commercial or domestic purposes, these add a look and style that are unmatched by anybody, anywhere. Frameless balustrades are popular in modern homes adding to a neat, streamlined look. These bespoke balustrade systems are compatible with handrails as required. The side-fix features are ideally suited for staircases in an open plan style of interiors.  Handrails and other accessories can easily be incorporated. A wire rope design gives a more unique look. A versatile version is the glass clamp system, suited to look great but holds strong as well. Last but not least we present the curved and helical glass system which comes supplied with hand rails in stainless steel.

Balustrades in Wilmslow from Fine Line are a specialty feature, novel, unique and are here to stay! Their stylish features are suited to most environs. To find out more about the balustrades we manufacture, contact us today. Manufactured from highest quality steel and glass they are durable and look good too!

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