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Balustrades in Manchester

Balustrades in ManchesterAdd refinement and sophistication to your home with balustrades in Manchester from Fine Line. These gorgeous features are typically found lining terraces and staircases. They are essentially a row of columns with a rail on top. The term ‘balustrade’ was first used in 17th-century Italian craftsmanship. Taken from the Italian word balaustra, it means blossoming pomegranate blooms. Balustrades can range from being very simple and practical to ornate and elegant. It main function is to prevent a person from falling of the staircase. Most people like to walk up and down the staircase by holding the top column of the balustrade. This provides support. Balustrades may also be used as a barrier to provide privacy.  At Fine Lines, we’re in the business of building beautiful, practical and durable balustrades. We use different materials to make some of the most practical and decorative balustrades anywhere.

For Victorian-style homes in Manchester, balustrades can add sophistication and luxuriousness to your home’s interiors. Our balustrades range from simple wooden posts to elegant wrought-iron spindles. We even make balustrades out of stainless steel, glass, as well as glass channel and frameless systems. Our unique collection enables homeowners to combine function and style. We use some of the best materials and combine it with exquisite designing to build you the best-looking balustrades. Our company specialises in superior quality glass and stainless steel fabrications such as indoor and outdoor furniture, balustrades and handrails, bespoke furniture and balconies. We can design and build you a staircase of any kind, ranging from the single spine to cantilever to spiral and even stringer staircases.

A beautiful balustrade in Manchester is the best way to add a touch of elegance to your home. Contact Fine Line today to find out more about our range of balustrades. We will build you a balustrade that seamlessly fits into your personal taste and lifestyle. Our products are a perfect combination of form and function; manufactured with the best quality materials with special finishing touches. We can also build canopies and Juliet balconies to your requirements.

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