Balustrades in Cheshire

Balustrades in CheshireOur company supplies some of the most elegant and unobtrusive balustrades in Cheshire. A balustrade is a collection of balusters or handrail supports. In days gone by these used to be made of wood or stone and were lathe turned or rectangular cut spindles of the same shape. Although these traditional balustrades can be very beautiful they are dated and we supply a wide range of stunning modern balustrades. They combine style with function and are manufactured and installed using the best quality materials and finishing touches. Our designs incorporate stainless steel and glass which gives a neat and clean finish to the units. They can be designed as safety features for balconies that allow for an unobstructed view while still offering the best protection against someone accidentally falling over the balcony.

Stainless steel and glass are two modern materials that complement each other. In Cheshire, balustrades can be created using one or both of these materials. We have frameless glass systems which fit seamlessly around an area as well as a side fix system for glass balustrades up the side of a staircase. Our wire rope balustrade has a nautical look with strands of stainless steel wire running through stainless uprights with a stainless steel handrail to finish it off. We even offer a glass clamp system which compliments a glass and steel staircase. Our state of the art design and technology also allows us to create and manufacture curved glass balustrades.

We are known as one of the finest designers and manufacturers of balustrades in Cheshire. Contact Fine Line today and let us know what you want. We will happily take as much time as necessary to design the perfect staircase balustrade and handrails for your unique requirements. We also design and manufacture outdoor and indoor furniture as well as special bespoke furniture. Our balconies can be erected wherever you choose to place them and we have glass and steel canopies that protect you and your guests from rain when entering your dwelling. Come to us with your ideas and we will make them a reality no matter how unique your request may be.

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