Balustrades in Bowdon

Balustrades in BowdonWherever you would place balustrades in a Bowdon home, apartment or office imagine instead of wood spindles with a top handrail, nothing but glass, maybe with stainless steel. Instead of the balusters that form a line to support the top rail being ornamental and stealing the thunder from the carefully decorated room or staircase, they could be glass. That’s what we do for both indoor and outdoor use. The look is clean, crisp and minimalist but oh so elegant. Imagine a beautiful bride descending a long serpentine staircase with Victorian balusters and ornately carved handrail. That would be beautiful, right? But with glass balusters and barely-there stainless steel handrail forming the balustrade there is nothing to block the full view of the bride’s descent. A graceful transparent shape and a bit of sparkle as steel catches the light offers safety and defines the shape of the stairway. The guests see only the bride.

We use the finest of materials from which we fabricate steel and glass balustrades for indoor and outdoor use. For homes in Bowdon, balustrades are ideal as an enclosure for your pool area. It’s a very effective barrier but doesn’t disrupt the beautiful flow of the landscape. The same is true for your outdoor balcony and exterior stairway. The frameless glass system creates a seamless finish of any length with no visible supports. A handrail is optional. The look is wide-open contemporary admired by many of today’s great architects and seen in fine homes worldwide. If you love a spacious and uncluttered look with no barriers but still need to maintain function, frameless glass from Fine Line is worth your consideration.

Side fix balustrades in Bowdon add great style to an open plan living without losing function for staircases, atriums or any interior or exterior applications. We invite you to view the many options available from Fine Line that will define your style. Our glass and stainless steel balustrades are clear, tinted with colour, frosted or crackled with sandblasted glass. For more texture consider our wire rope system. Contact Fine Line and review our portfolio of balustrade systems combining glass and stainless steel, or frameless and glass channel. We manufacture and install to agreed specifications. If you have been looking for that special look that will define your ultra-modern style with sophistication and graceful lines, look no further than our balustrades.

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