Artfully Manufactured Balustrades in Alderley Edge for Your Home

Balustrades in Alderley EdgeArtful function or functional art describes balustrades in Alderley Edge from Fine Line. We have made a name for ourselves at Fine Line by making sure that every entrance is a grand entrance. Our creative staircases, handrails and balustrades make an architectural statement whilst providing safety and assistance. We find balustrades lining staircases and balconies in ancient architecture right through to modern designs of today. A balustrade is a row of small columns with a top rail and its purpose is to protect us against falling from staircases and balconies. The most common materials used today for balustrades is wood, glass and stainless steel. Older ornate balustrades were often artfully carved from stone. You will also find beautiful examples in ornamental wrought iron.

Balustrades, used inside and outside, become part of the surrounding architecture of a building or design of a room. However, in Alderley Edge, balustrades are very popular in minimalist and modern home and business scapes. Glass balustrades with or without a stainless steel top rail is very popular where a sense of space and openness is the goal. Views are not blocked, space not interrupted and there’s little awareness of the balustrade being there. Grand entries with floating staircases and glass balustrades do not interrupt the sense of space. Glass balustrades is also an excellent material for areas that must be cordoned off without creating an obvious obstruction; art galleries, museums and live performance areas are examples. Outside, glass or ornamental balustrades add safety to pool areas and balcony stairways without obstructing the view.

At Fine Line, we use high quality materials for the design and construction of balustrades in Alderley Edge. We also design and create beautiful staircases and balconies. You will find beautiful designs for inside decor and exterior architecture. Contact Fine Line and let us show you our portfolio of materials, designs and previous projects. If you must have a staircase then of course it must be made safe for use. When we design and install both staircase and balustrades, the space is enhanced. The need for function is safely met without bulky, boring, ordinary stairways. In its place is shape and design that adds interest and character.

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