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Balconies in Altrincham

Add Value and Beauty to Your Home with Balconies in Altrincham

Balconies in AltrinchamOur superb range of balconies in Altrincham will add value and beauty to your home. We have been in this business for the last several years. Our work is appreciated by both residential and commercial clients. Our speciality is premium quality stainless steel and glass fabrications. This includes staircases, feature stairs, Juliet balconies, hand-rails and balustrades. What our clients appreciate is our focus on quality workmanship, professional service and affordable pricing. Our in-house workshop is where we create our own brand of magic. We use the latest technology and equipment.

For our clients in Altrincham, balconies are your own private outdoor spaces for leisure and relaxation. They also serve the practical purpose of blocking sun that may impact the room. Houses that face the street directly can benefit from a balcony because it cuts the noise levels. When we design such balconies, we ensure that it suits the taste of the occupants. Some clients would prefer to use it only for a short time because of the busy activities in the street below. For others, it may be a place to sit and watch the world go by. Balconies on higher floors may be subject to strong winds. We recommend a more recessed and covered balcony that offers protection and safety.

Balconies in Altrincham add charm and character to a building. If you live in a colder climate, a balcony offers a sunny space where plants can grow. Juliet balconies provide that artistic touch to windows and give the illusion of the room being larger than it is. In most places, you may not need building permission to construct balconies. The most important factor to consider while designing the balcony is safety. Poorly designed structures can pose a serious risk to life and limb, and prevent you from placing heavy items in them. Contact Fine Line if you are considering installing a balcony.  Our talented and experienced design team can give you the right advice.

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