Cantilever Stairs in Stockport

Add the Wow Factor with Cantilever Stairs in Stockport

Cantilever Stairs in StockportGive your interiors that Wow factor with our gorgeous cantilever stairs in Stockport. We specialise in a comprehensive range of staircases. Our team makes each structure according to your unique needs and preferences. We create staircases of different designs from materials as diverse as glass, metal, and wood. These combine style and function. Our customer base extends throughout the region. As a local business, we’re in sync with the prevailing trends and fashions in interior design. Moreover, we believe in 100% commitment to quality. Thus, this includes affordable pricing patterns and customer satisfaction.

Our staircases range from spiral, to cantilever and conventional straight or curved designs. In Stockport, cantilever stairs combine engineering expertise and design elegance. They make your room truly a conversation piece. Thus, they are visually appealing. On top of that, they give the illusion of floating and defying the force of gravity. Yet they’re amazingly sturdy. They’re safe and suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The special feature of this type of staircase is that the treads are only on one side. This gives a suspended appearance. However, in reality, they are engineering marvels. They have well-concealed structural support hidden in the walls. You can enhance the floating illusion through the use of clever lighting too.

When you choose our cantilever stairs in Stockport, our team can give you the right advice on placement and positioning to make the best use of the available space. Moreover, our highly trained team can handle the project right from design, planning to final installation. Furthermore, the treads are manufactured from glass, wood, timber, and metal with different finishes. Hence, it’s easy to replace the treads when necessary.  Contact Fine Line for more details. As such, these steps appear light and ethereal. There is plenty of space between each tread. Thus, this gives the illusion of space in a smaller room.

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