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Add a Statement with Decorative and Practical Balustrades in High Peak

Balustrades in High PeakDecorative and practical balustrades in High Peak by Fine Line are the perfect combination of form and function. The great stone balustrades of the ancients might also have been designed as barriers. They were magnificent and imposing. They were also quite weighty. An equally strong building was needed to support the weight of such balustrades. Balustrades have not gone out of style. Those we design and build for today’s architecture meet the need for form and function in a whole new way. We build in graceful flowing lines to compliment elegant staircases. Instead of a barrier, our balustrades leave a minimal impact designed for open spaces and grand views.

Our balustrades do not overwhelm their environment. In High Peak, our balustrades are created from glass, stainless steel and wood. Our designs are for both interior and exterior use. Hardened safety glass is used to create a feeling of open space while providing extreme safety. With the use of stainless steel, we can create extraordinary designs that are highly ornate or just a simple flowing line on the landscape. We use channel glass for our balustrades or take the suspended look further and use frameless glass. It’s a barely there look that provides maximum safety and protection.

We design, build and install balustrades in High Peak for homes, gardens and commercial properties. Contact Fine Line today and let us hear about your project. We have great design ideas for commercial office buildings, theatres, multi-family housing and single-family homes. We can stay with a minimalist look for your ultra-modern decor or create ornate but up to date balustrades from our natural materials. Wait until you see our stunning industrial style that is perfect for lofts. We will work closely with you to make sure the final result is exactly as you envisioned it. Our glass balustrades are perfect for small spaces because they perform their function without seeming to take up space. Outside, along balconies and exterior staircases, our minimalist balustrades are barely there so nothing blocks the view.

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